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We appreciate not everyone is within traveling distance of our London Performance Centre, therefore join the 1000’s of athletes from all over the world that we train via our Long Distance (LD) program.

Research shows DSA-LD athletes see significant results in 6 weeks due to the sports science behind our training programs and the tailored approach we take with every athlete.

You will receive 3 strength & 2 speed/agility programs WEEKLY, which are tailored to you! If you play sport - let us know your schedule and we will make sure you are peaking at the right time.

No more going to the gym and using whatever equipment is available, or downloading random programs from the internet with them not being properly programmed or suitable for you. Our programs manage your CNS (Central Nervous System) load to make sure you get the BEST GAINS and REDUCE the chances of INJURY.

On designated weeks of the program you will be asked to feedback your results to the DSA staff, so that we can adjust your program to make sure it is as challenging as possible to maximise results.

You can also send us footage of your lifts so we can feed back on your technique.

There’s no contract involved, as we're confident that you'll continue training with us.

All of this for only 20 GBP / 20 Euro / 25 USD PER MONTH (get in touch for other currencies)

Set up a standing order for the 1st of the month (if starting mid-month then pro rata payment based on remaining number of Sundays in the month, before starting the payment for the next month on the 1st). Account details for setting up standing orders are here (use the details to set up online, or you can print off the form and take into your bank).

For non-UK athletes, you can pay via paypal to account:

Please remember to put your name in the payment reference, and referral code if you have one.

Email through the below details, and advise when you would like to start.

Name, DOB, Height, Weight, Sport/s, Team/s, Postal Address.

If you know your 1RM for bench, deadlift, squat then let us know (if you have done weight training previously but don't know your 1RM, that's fine, let us know the kind of numbers you have lifted previously and we can work it out. If you have no idea or not lifted weights before, that is fine, our program will work it out).


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