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Results from previous combines:

DSA-FAUK Combine Results 16 Sep 2018.pdf

DSA-FAUK Combine Results 28 Oct 2017.pdf

DSA-FAUK Combine Results 22 Oct 2016.pdf

DSA-FAUK Combine Results 03 Oct 2015.pdf

DSA-ORC Combine Results 20 Jun 2015.pdf

DSA-FAUK Combine Results 28 Mar 2015.pdf

DSA-XPI Combine Results 25 Oct 2014.pdf

At DSA we run & participate in many events; presentations at conferences, workshops with sports teams, & one of our largest being our American Football Combine & Camps which are held at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in London with athletes coming from all over Europe to attend.

We’ve had current and ex-NFL players, US coaches, as well as some of the best UK coaches attend our American Football Combine/Camps to help tomorrows best talent develop. These events are also used to scout talent for those interested in our DSA-IRP program.

We’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our event sponsors, Football America UK. They’re an amazing company who do a lot to support grass roots sports, so please support them.

See videos below of recent American Football Combine/Camps:

Combines / Camps / Workshops

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